Broadcast Messaging Simplified

Call Broadcasting

Our voice broadcasting service only charges if a human or machines answers your call.

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Text Broadcasting

Our text service can get your texts out, read & responded within minutes

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Actionable Analytics

Our broadcast messaging analytics allow you to actually act upon them. So Cool

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Centralized Dashboard

Stop using multiple programs to manage your communications. Mercury Flight allows you to send Calls, Texts, & Emails from just one dashboard! Thats a lot of power under one hood...

Easy to Use

There are no degrees necessary to operate Mercury Flights Broadcast Service. Every campaign can be created in 3 easy steps and in under a minute! Online messaging simplified.

Instant Analytics

You deserve to know if humans or machines heard your voice message, how many people are texting you back, or how many emails were successfully delivered, opened and link clicked!

Always Reliable

We guarantee 99% uptime and we have a 97% reputation rating so that you no longer have to worry about whether or not your call, text or email messages actually got delivered!

  • The greatest benefit of Mercury Flight, is that it not only allows me to stay focused on ministry and keeps my congregation and community informed.

    — Zach Williams, Pastor First Anna Baptist Church
  • This is truly one of the greatest marketing tools out there. I used a similar tool in the past and it took me two weeks to learn. Then making it work was an entirely different mess. Not anymore! With Mercury Flight, it took me a few minutes to learn, and measuring my campaigns was so much easier. I am so excited to use this tool!

    — Duc Haba, CTO Swiftbot
  • I have tried messaging tools and just kept on looking till I found Mercury Flight. Sign up was fast, activation was immediate and I setup an email campaign without even watching a tutorial in under 5 minutes. You guys deliver on what you say, great job to the team that finally figured out how to make communicating simple, effective and fun.

    — Trey Bayne, CFO Beanstalk Digital
  • What took me hours per day to reach out to my teams now only takes minutes, and sometimes not even that if i schedule my communication in advance. Mercury really does save lives literally, thanks guys.

    — Kathy, Senior RN Health Care Services
  • Mercury Flight is the coolest and easiest broadcast service i have ever used, it really has reduced my workload. Now i have more time to tan, relax and go to the Gym.

    — Christina, Model Dawson Agency
  • We put together large Christian Concerts in Canada and what took several people making calls and texts is now cut down to one person that spends less than 20 minutes to setup all our broadcast for the week. We Love You Mercury.

    — Devin, Production Engineer Kelly Productions
  • I use mercury to connect with all my colleagues for schedule changes, flight delays and specials. I love the ease of the service and the peace of mind that my messages did make it. Love You Guys

    — Debbie, Stewardist American Airlines
  • Mercury has not only been my companys best investment, he is also my Best Employee.

    — Ricardo, CEO MSI Credit
  • I dreaded when i had to spend so much time making calls, sending texts and emails, a photographer makes their money shooting not communicating. Mercury lets me get back to what i do best.

    — Simon, Fashion Photographer Simon Lopez Photography
  • Fast and reliable Communication in this business is so important to all our customers and we struggled with several other services who promised to deliver these two simple needs, until we found Mercury Flight.

    — Matt, Distributor Direct Distributors
  • I rely on Mercury everyday to update students and staff via call, text and email, Mercury is in my opinion is the Best Full Course Meal you will ever find, and you can take that to the kitchen...

    — Martin, Executive Chef I.S. Culinary
  • I have been a customer for over 2 years now and everytime i go on this system i still say WOW... These guys are always adding new features to the system and my cost never go up but my productivity does. You guys are the real deal...

    — Trey, CFO BeanStalk Digital
  • Mercury Flight is a great tool for your church! As a pastor I needed to get a message out to my members during a bad snow storm we had in our region. Using Mercury Flight I was able to send a voice text message in just seconds to all of my members! I highly recommend Mercury Flight for all churches! You will increase and better your communication to your members in just seconds.

    — Pastor Jason R. Bryant The Revival Church
  • \"From my first contact with Rick and Mercury Flight, all of my expectations have been exceeded. Mercury Flight has impressed me with their outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and market knowledge. Their product delivers the results that we need. With timely text campaigns using Mercury Flight, we have been able to increase our attendance at church events especially with our youth and young adults. Plus, we have heard positive feedback from our congregation that they love getting a quick reminder via a text message. Mercury Flight is easy to use, fast and reliable. I would recommend them to any organization that wants a cost effective, relevant way to communicate to people.\"

    — Joy Weaver Harborside Christian Church