10 ways Mercury Flight is helping Churches get results from communications!

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It’s been great hearing from our Churches about all of the exciting ways that Mercury Flight is helping them save tons of valuable time, while becoming one of the every day tools that they rely on. We thought it might be a good idea to share with you the top 10 ways that Churches have said that Mercury Flight is helping get effective results from their communications!

1. First Time Visitors – Attach a voice message to a text campaign from your pastor welcoming and thanking them for visiting.

2. Volunteer Engagement – Sometimes a reminder call, text, or email is all that’s needed to help recruit volunteers. We make it easy for you to remind and even reschedule them.

3. Small Groups – Announce, update, remind, and distribute study materials.

4. Church Announcements – Send daily devotions, scriptures, prayer requests, and emergency announcements.

5. Thanking Donors – A special thank you reminding of the ministry that people just supported can mean a lot!

6. Prayer Teams – Send out daily request to your entire team and notify them of things like natural disasters. Even have you team text message prayer requests to you.

7. Staff Updates – Send reminders, operational & service updates, inclement weather notifications, and devotions.

8. Holiday Service Time Reminders – Fill all of your services by reminding your congregation of all of the special service times that your having for them.

9. We Missed You At Youth Group – Let the kids that haven’t checked into youth group in a while, know that you miss them by sending them a text. If you use Fellowship One, you can run an absentee report and import it into Mercury Flight.

10. Event Promotions – Sell tickets, send inspiration & devotions, remind, send announcements, send materials, send surveys, the list goes on.

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