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Youth Ministry

Increased Parent Involvement Use our call, text and email to send messages to parents regarding events, bible study topics, and other information to keep parents up-to-date.   Additional Volunteer/Youth Leader Participation Use our call, text

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Singles Ministry

Improve Member Communication Send call, text and email messages to your members. Send reminders for upcoming Singles events, prayer requests, scripture passages to study for the next lesson, location information for the Singles monthly lunch

Prayer Ministry

Motivate Church Members to Join a Prayer Team Use our messaging service to tell your congregation about prayer, the impact it has on a community as well as the church and church member, and encourage them

First Time Visitors

Improve/Establish Communication and Follow-up with New Visitors Use our calling, text and email to send messages to visitors thanking them for their initial visit. Attach a voice message from your pastor and send it via

Audio Visual Ministry

Additional Volunteers Use our messaging tools to let church members know about volunteer opportunities within your AV department.   Improved Communication with Volunteers Use our messaging tools to create reminders regarding schedule, any changes to

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Home Groups

Increase Group Attendance Use our communication tools such as call, text and email to share information with church members and visitors about small/home groups, the new ones getting started, how to sign-up, and special small

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Church Drama Ministry

Community Awareness Set up customized groups within Fellowship One that you want to send special invitations and reminders to including various church staff, local school drama staff, media contacts, arts community contacts, community officials and

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College Ministry Bulk Messaging

Increase Communication with Students Use Call, Text and Email to send messages to students regarding events, bible study topics, and other information to keep students up to date with things that go on at the

Church Messaging – General Use

Send weekly messages from the Pastor have shown to increase church member attendance and participation in other church-related activities. Effectively bringing attention to the various projects, missions, and budgets that are directly impacted by the

How Churches Can Use Texting

Send daily Bible quotes straight to your member’s mobile phones– Text scriptural quotes relevant to that week’s sermon and keep congregants inspired all week long. Alert members instantly about schedule changes– Need to cancel Sunday