How You Can Send Effective Texts In 8 Ways

Here are eight simple ways to keep in mind when sending out your text campaign to anyone. These tips can help you become effective at both sending texts and communicating effectively through text messages.

  1. Identify yourself and keep any greetings in the beginning of a text, if your message is short.
    That way, a person can quickly know who it is, what you want to say, while also realizing that you are being polite.
  2. If your message is long and ends up getting divided into multiple texts, try to include the actual message in the beginning and the greeting at the end.
    This way, the actual part of the main message you want to convey will have fewer chances of being cut off and separated.
  3. Keep your text within 140 characters for new people or co-workers.
    With new people and co-workers, you may want to keep your communication length short in the beginning when conveying a message before you realize what their comfort zone is.
  4. Always include your name in texts to new people.
    The same way you may want to let new people, who may basically be strangers in different part of your life and vice versa, realize who you are when you call or e-mail them, you may also want to let them know who you are in text messages. A simple name and any reference to where you met may work, like:

    “Hey there! This is John, letting you know about the meeting tomorrow at 2:30. – John Hanson [from financing]”

  5. Be knowledgeable to the text message plan the other person has.
    That way, you can realize if it would be better for you to send a single text message sporadically, or if you can send multiple text messages at will. It should all depend on the other person, if possible, to ensure, among other things, that you avoid creating a high cell phone bill for the other person.
  6. Ask for permission before sending texts.
    Even if the other person has an unlimited text message plan, they may not want 20 text messages from you in one day, or every 5 minutes. Find out what the other person prefers by asking them if you can text message them at an interval or rate of your choice.
  7. Realize that text messages may have the same notifications as phone calls for many people.
    The same way a phone ring may wake someone up in the middle of the night or bother someone in a restroom or during a meeting, a text message may also make a notification sound or vibration, and bother someone just like a regular phone call ring. Keep this in mind when sending text messages, and realize that whenever you send a text message, the actual way that other person may find out about it may be the exact same as that other person finding out about phone calls.
  8. Treat a text message like an actual phone call. The same way you would not usually call someone a second time within 5 minutes after calling them and leaving them a message, you may not want to text someone after you have already called them, or vice versa. Multiple text messages with the same message within a short amount of time, or at all, may also fall into this point.

The above 8 ways actually allow you to realize how your texting habits may avoid annoying other people, and thus how you can communicate more effectively through text messages.