Messaging for Residential Communities

Messaging for Residential Communities

Messaging systems like Mercury Flight are used for quickly and easily communicating with all your residents (or any portion of them) at once. Messages are initiated via phone or computer, and then delivered to residents by landline, cell phone, text message, or email. It’s a fast, easy way to get information to residents quickly.

» Promote Community Engagement & Retention «

Consistent communication gives a strong sense of community. Use our system to send announcements and reminders. Send messages to schedule maintenance, then send follow-up messages after service and get immediate responses to confirm residents are satisfied. Stay on top; get real-time reports, so you can respond quickly to residents if service for any issues.

» Keep Residents Safe «

Safety and security are one of the top factors that influence rental decisions. Use the text or call service to send emergency notifications is ideal for amber alerts and severe weather warnings. Notify residents when criminal activity occurs in the area. Keep your residents updated during emergencies and hazardous weather, even for evacuation.

» Reduce Delinquencies & Improve Notice «

Courtesy rent reminder calls increase the chances of keeping renters paying on time. Use automated features to personalize messages with names, dates and amounts. You spend time and effort building good relationships with your residents. So communicate with everyone by choosing your custom voice recorded message reminder. Export and keep documentation that confirms your messages were received.

» Communicate Proactively «

Communicating with others can make people happy and meet certain expectations. Residents don’t like to be surprised and neither does your staff. So remember, it’s easier to get the word before getting those multiple inquiries. Its excellent customer service, too. Let residents decide how they want to receive information from you – phone, text, or email. You can create one message and send it according to their preference.



Property Managers use Mercury for:

      ⇀ Maintenance updates and announcements
      ⇀ Inspection notices
      ⇀ Rent and renewal reminders
      ⇀ Resident satisfaction polling
      ⇀ Event promotions
      ⇀ Emergency, security and safety alerts



If you answered yes to just one of these questions, check out Mercury Flight.
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