Corporate Pricing

Affordable Broadcast Messaging Service

Bulk messaging service with simplified cost & pricing you can love.

With Mercury Flight, say goodbye to hidden costs, fine print, and complicated billing. Whether you wish to use voice broadcasting, mass emailing, group text messaging or a combination of all three; our pricing structure will make it easy for you to control your expenses.

(1) Credit = (1) minute *outbound call per contact or (1) *outbound text or (35) emails.
* Additional credit charged per minute for call transfers.
* No charge for incoming texts.
* No charge for calls not answered by human or machine.

No contracts and no hidden fees, It really is that simple.

Are you a non-profit organization? Check out our non-profit pricing!


200 Credits

  • 17.5 Cents / Credit
  • $75

    500 Credits

  • Rate | $0.15
  • $140

    1,000 Credits

  • Rate | $0.14
  • $325

    2,500 Credits

  • Rate | $0.13
  • $600

    5,000 Credits

  • Rate | $0.12
  • $1,100

    10,000 Credits

  • Rate | $0.11
  • $2,500

    25,000 Credits

  • Rate | $0.10
  • $4,500

    50,000 Credits

  • Rate | $0.09
  • $8,000

    100,000 Credits

  • Rate | $0.08
  • Comparing Broadcast Messaging Services.

    In the bulk messaging service industry, hard to decipher pricing models are a common practice and most customers end up spending more than they intended to on their campaigns. One top deceptive tactic that is used in others pricing model is the low cent charge per credit, but when looking close that is just for a 30 second call not one minute. Another one is the lack of information in the pricing and features model where they do not tell you about recorded message length restrictions, transfer back charges, incoming and outgoing text charges. So be diligent when comparing pricing and features, if you are still unsure you can always call us and tell us about your communication strategy and we would be happy to help find the best solution for you, even if it is not our service, we really do love helping people find the right fit.

    In the end we do believe that even if you have tried someone else whether IVR, Predictive Dialer or our so called competitors and then you try our service you will say " Mercury Flight was the easiest, most powerful and best customer service I have experienced." And then we will say "What took you so long, post that on our site"...….