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  • Mercury Flight is a great tool for your church! As a pastor I needed to get a message out to my members during a bad snow storm we had in our region. Using Mercury Flight I was able to send a voice text message in just seconds to all of my members! I highly recommend Mercury Flight for all churches! You will increase and better your communication to your members in just seconds.

    — Senior Pastor Jason R. Bryant The Revival Church
  • The greatest benefit of Mercury Flight, is that it not only allows me to stay focused on ministry it also keeps my congregation and community informed.

    — Senior Pastor Zach Williams First Anna Baptist Church
  • From my first contact with Rick and Mercury Flight, all of my expectations have been exceeded. Mercury Flight has impressed me with their outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and market knowledge. Their product delivers the results that we need. With timely text campaigns using Mercury Flight, we have been able to increase our attendance at church events especially with our youth and young adults. Plus, we have heard positive feedback from our congregation that they love getting a quick reminder via a text message. Mercury Flight is easy to use, fast and reliable. I would recommend them to any organization that wants a cost effective, relevant way to communicate to people.

    — Joy Weaver Harborside Christian Church

Bulk messaging service with simplified cost & pricing you can love.

At Mercury Flight, we are inspired by the work you do and want to make your job easier. Now you can save your donors' dollars for other initiatives, so that you can take your organization to the next level. This pricing is for organizations who are 501(c)(3) only so make sure that you have your tax exempt number handy.

With Mercury Flight, say goodbye to hidden costs, fine print, and complicated billing. Whether you wish to use voice broadcasting, group 2-way texting, or group emails; our pricing structure will make it easy for you to control your expenses. No contracts or hidden fees, it really is that simple.

What a Credit Means.

(1) Credit = (1) minute *outbound call per contact or (1) *outbound text per contact or (35) emails.
* Additional credit charged per minute for call transfers, if you use that feature.
* No charge for incoming texts.
* No charge for calls not answered by a human or machine.

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200 Credits

  • 8.5 Cents / Credit
  • $37.50

    500 Credits

  • 7.5 Cents / Credit
  • $70

    1,000 Credits

  • 7 Cents / Credit
  • $162.50

    2,500 Credits

  • 6.5 Cents / Credit
  • $300

    5,000 Credits

  • 6 Cents / Credit
  • $550

    10,000 Credits

  • 5.5 Cents / Credit
  • $1,250

    25,000 Credits

  • Rate | $0.05
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    Plans Over 25,000

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  • First Time Visitors

    Use our call, text and email to send messages to visitors thanking them for their initial visit. Attach a voice message to your text from your pastor letting to know about community.

    Increase Regular Visitors

    Send messages to visitors regarding upcoming events and ministries provided by the church that would be available to them as they continue visiting the church.

    Increase Volunteer Ministry

    Send messages to the entire church to make a request for volunteers. Inform Members of urgent volunteer needs and the benefit of volunteering.

    Increase Group Attendance

    Share information with church members and visitors about small/home groups, the new ones getting started, how to sign-up, and special small group pre-launch events.

    Increase Attendance

    Sending weekly messages from the Pastor have shown to increase church member attendance and participation in other church-related activities.

    Homebound Church

    Send a message from the Pastor to all homebound members with highlights of the Sunday sermon, encouraging them during the week ahead.

    Home Groups

    Share information with church members and visitors about small/home groups, the new ones getting started, how to sign-up, and special small group pre-launch events.

    Home Group

    Send messages about each of the lesson plans in a particular study and schedule those messages to go out to the group members the same day and time each week.

    Hospitality Ministry

    Communicate to members who have experience births, deaths, illness and other life events that would need help with meals, transportation, child care, etc.

    Prayer Teams

    Motivate Church Members to Join a Prayer Team.
    tell your congregation about prayer, the impact it has on a community as well as the church.


    Inform others about your mission; raise funds, and request prayer. Keep everyone up-to-date on the team's progress during the mission trip. share the details of your team's mission and needs.

    Hospital Care

    Create a message from the Pastor to send to members in the hospital encouraging them and praying for them.


    Uplift the congregation, staff or leadership team with a verse, Proverb, or daily inspiration.

    General Notifications

    Send volunteers a reminder of their upcoming serving opportunity. Staff updates and reminders. Emergency notifications. Inclement weather notifications.

    Student Communication

    Use call, text and email to send messages to students regarding events, bible study topics, and other information to keep students up to date with things that go on at the church.

    Single Ministry

    Send reminders for upcoming Singles events, prayer requests, scripture passage to study for the next lesson, location information for the Singles monthly lunch or dinner activity and more.